Asians? Not attractive.

This is going to be a touchy subject, so I’m immediately going to defend the title.  This article represents my opinion only and here are my qualifiers:  I am partly of Asian descent so I feel I can write these words without seeming prejudiced against folks from the world regions that used to be called “Oriental” (that would be the Far East; continental Asians such as Indians and people from the Middle East are not included in this discussion).

So this is only my own, twisted, outrageous viewpoint.  But please believe that I am not being sensationalistic for shock value: I really do not find Asian girls attractive.1  I think this has a lot to do with the environment I experienced as a child (heavily Jewish neighborhood, almost totally Caucasian school) and not with any learned behaviors.


Therefore, my view is totally unfair to the beautiful ladies gracing this page, or to the many good looking ladies married/dating many members of the CT.  This only represents my preference, and nobody should care about my preferences, really.2

I watch a lot of Chinese, Japanese TV shows and movies so I’m definitely exposed to lots of beautiful actresses.  But no matter how highly regarded they are, I am not in the slightest moved or attracted.  Is this a loss or an advantage? I’d like to think that not being attracted to these ladies gives me a bit of an advantage.  I cannot be manipulated or influenced by the beauty of a good 50% of the world’s population.  This is good.  It feels a bit like a super-power of sorts.

So the title of the article should be “Asians? Not attractive to me, and that’s great !!”

  1. or Asian guys, by strong inference !! []
  2. except for my wife, and I am definitely attracted to her.  She is not Asian. []

5 thoughts on “Asians? Not attractive.”

  1. Latest wrinkle: I definitely think that Summer Glau is good looking (she is currently starring in The Cape on NBC) and so do a ton of other fanboys. But is she Asian? There is a healthy discussion going on; I and many others could swear that she is but her official dossier says that she is Scottish-German.

  2. You are definitely the only guy I know who feels this way. A large percentage of the guys I know are predisposed towards Asians (and I myself have a thing for petite brunettes in general).

    So no Lucy Liu, Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li? I’m sorry, I don’t believe you.

    As for Summer Glau, I don’t believe she is Asian. However, there are some gorgeous girls of mixed race like Moon Bloodgood and my all time favorite Kristen Kreuk. Do they fail to make the cut as well?

  3. Gong Li is a close call. She is definitely beautiful, but I don’t see myself getting too intimate with her. And of course she is several years older than in the “Raise The Red Lantern” film.

    Never was much of a Lucy Liu or Zhang Ziyi fan. So my outlook stands.

    I think having Chinese in the mix is attractive in some strange way. Kristen Kreuk and Summer Glau (maybe) would be good examples. But the pure Asian look does not do much for me. Just sayin’.

  4. As Archangel might remember, I have a preference for some of the Asian variety. (TokyoTopless being one of my most frequented sights.)

    Although as I matured I seemed to have picked up a lean towards gingers, as well.

    Now if I could find a redheaded Asian woman, I’d probably spurt quicker than you could blink.

  5. I think this might be an appropriate time for a Crackteam disclaimer. 🙂

    Just for the record, the three girls you picked are attractive. I am sure you picked them at random since their beauty has no effect on you. But I needed to point out your 3/3 record.

    I’m sure you’ll find an ugly one, though. They are definitely out there.

    Don’t forget about Olivia Munn. She’s Chinese and German and yummy.

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